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The "Maison vulpin" vineyards, formerly the "Domaine Crépon", created in 1984 by the Schenk family, are located in the heights of Villeneuve (VD).


The vineyards include the cellar and two hectares of vines in one piece, including one hectare of pinot noir. Other grape varieties such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chasselas and Gewürztraminer complete the range.



The first vines were planted on these steep hillsides facing the cap of Lake Geneva where the Rhône flows.



Halfway between the Swiss Rhône valley and the Lavaux, the Chablais Vaudois terroir is characterized by Rhone moraine and clay-limestone.



From 2022, two ranges of wines will be created:

 -Maison Vulpin wines produced with grapes from the vineyards

-Les Vins du Vulpin wines produced with Swiss grapes grown by other winegrowers.



in the vineyard

the fruits are growing in an harmonious biodiversity where all the species from flora to fauna live in a natural symbiosis, which is essential to the good evolution of the vines. 


producing Natural Wines, 

is to be at the vineyard first, and connected to all the elements that Mother Nature gives us.


then, you have to respect the soil and the living things and adapt the action of the parcels of the vineyard, like pruning, disbudding, or leaf stripping, through the lunar cycle. 


finally, it’s about promoting the soil thanks to plant manure and dynamics plants infused preparation.


to wine

all the grapes are harvested handly, carefully selected, and passed in a electric crusher-destemmer, then put in a maceration tank, where they begin their fermentation process thanks to their native yeast :

naturally, the magic is taking place.


the Juice is extracted thanks to a manual hydraulic or pneumatic press.


the wines are bottling without any chemical products, inputs, or sulphite, and without filtration, to preserve the purity of the Terroir.


grapes to wine

natural wines





jordi renard

arrived in switzerland in 2011, grown up in the French riviera, and working in hospitality management, I started in 2020 a new ambitious challenge : producing my own wine. 


all the people that I’ve met in the wine world, especially in natural wine, made me develop a very special interest for this art, and share the same philosophy : enjoy the fruits of nature, and treat it with respect.


a minimum of interventions for a maximum of emotions

Où trouver nos vins

find my wines


wine merchants

direct sales at the vineyard. 

by appointment only.


payment by card, twint or cash.



jordi renard villeneuve

Maison Vulpin

Jordi Renard

Route de Valleyres 40

1844 Villeneuve


+41 76 303 16 69


Thanks !

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